Real shit. Arrêtons de déconner.

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Ooohhh this is it, the time has come!
No. Time is just time. It's only a word refering to a human-being created concept. And there are many variations of its definition even today. When is time? How is time? Why is time time? I don't give a doaymn about time.
If you were in Russia, time would have exploded you in an uninterrupted inverted unstable intrinsic philarmonic frenetic cataclysmic bionic immature dead Supernovae.
не замарайте с Россией

OOOoooohhh CA Y EST! Le temps est arrivé!
Non. Le temps, c'est juste "le temps". C'est juste un mot qui renvoie à un concpet créé par les êtres humains. De plus, il existe de nombreuses variations de sa définition. POURQUOI le temps est-il? QUAND est-il? COMMENT est-il? J'en ai rien à fouuuerrer du temps.
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